Autumn 2017 REFRAME Round-up: Website Launches, New Articles and Video Research/Practice Talks

  2. New SEQUENCE Two article on maternal melodrama: Professor Mandy Merck on Todd Haynes’ Carol
  3. New videos in TALKS@MFM – Our continuing series of video recordings of research seminars and masterclasses;
  4. Reframing ActivismMediático, Reframing Psychoanalysis and The Audiovisual Essay updates
  5. NEWS! REFRAME has a new Managing Editor: Tanya Kant

REFRAME‘s latest round up of open access publications and research website and project launches is given below.


LIFE WRITING PROJECTS (LWP) is a new collaboration between The Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research (CLHLWR) and REFRAME, following on from their successful collaboration on the NEW PATHWAYS psychogeography project.

LWP is about “creative representations of lived experience that set their own rules rather than following the conventions of genres such as memoir or biography. The projects selected for publication here all involve writing, but they may also explore the relationship between writing and photography, visual arts, film or video. Our contributors, who include new and established writers [like Annie Ernaux], artists and poets, embrace the concept of life-writing as a project. They work here within a set of self-imposed constraints, in order, as Michael Sheringham puts it, ‘to allow something unforeseen to happen’.” Visit the site here:

2. The latest article published at the second issue of SEQUENCE: Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music: We Need to Talk about the Maternal Melodrama

We are very happy to announce that the third contribution to Issue Two of SEQUENCE Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music We Need to Talk about Maternal Melodrama has been published. It is by Mandy Merck, Professor of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, one of the world’s leading scholars in melodrama studies and author of numerous important works on feminist and queer approaches to the cinema and representations of national identity in US film:

Mandy Merck, ‘NEGATIVE OEDIPUS: Carol as Lesbian Romance and Maternal Melodrama’, SEQUENCE: Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music, 2.3, 2017. ISSN 2052-3033 (Online). Online at:]

3. TALKS@MFM REFRAME continues with its series of video and audio recordings of research presentations and masterclasses held at the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, and related venues.

8. Reframing Activism, Mediático, Reframing Psychoanalysis, The Audiovisual Essay and Global Queer Cinema updates




        • Recordings of Masterclasses at CineCity: The Brighton Film Festival 2016 {[Coming soon!]

5.  NEWS! REFRAME has a new Managing Editor!

As REFRAME‘s founding editor Catherine Grant has departed from the University of Sussex to take up a new job elsewhere, managing editorship of the network platform has now passed to Dr. Tanya Kant, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Sussex. Kant has been an integral part of the REFRAME editorial and design team since 2013 (the network was founded in 2012). She will work with two deputy editors Professor Sue Thornham and Dr. Katherine Farrimond, as well as with the editorial and advisory boards to take this experimental open-access digital platform forward.

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