REFRAME Books publishes open access scholarly contributions to the fields of media, arts, and humanities in a variety of e-reading formats.

This imprint was launched in Spring 2015 with the publication of The Tablet Bookedited by Caroline BassettRyan BurnsRussell Glasson and Kate O’Riordan, a collection of original research essays which mobilise a range of perspectives and approaches in thinking about and understanding the tablet computer.

In October 2016, REFRAME Books published Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Live Interfaces, edited by Thor Magnusson, Chris Kiefer and Sam Duffy. The collection was the outcome of a five-day gathering at the University of Sussex’s Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in June 2016, and includes peer-reviewed submissions from musicians, dancers, roboticists, brain scientists, visual artists, philosophers, animators, sculpturists, and more, the proceedings illustrate the range of activities encompassed by this lively platform for knowledge exchange and new performance practices.

In June 2016, REFRAME Books published The Arclight Guidebook to Media History and the Digital Humanities, edited by Charles R. Acland and Eric Hoyt – a cutting edge collection of work both surveying what media historians are doing with digital tools and charting a course for how the field of media history might move forward in an ongoing dialogue with the digital humanities.

In April 2016, REFRAME Books published Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film, edited by Shane Denson and Julia Leyda:

If cinema and television, as the dominant media of the 20th century, shaped and reflected our cultural sensibilities, how do new digital media in the 21st century help to shape and reflect new forms of sensibility? In this collection, editors Shane Denson and Julia Leyda have gathered a range of essays that approach this question by way of a critical engagement with the notion of “post-cinema.” Contributors explore key experiential, technological, political, historical, and ecological aspects of the transition from a cinematic to a post-cinematic media regime and articulate both continuities and disjunctures between film’s first and second centuries.

In December 2022, REFRAME Books published The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age, edited by Victoria Grace Walden. The book is the first comprehensive review of thinking and practice related to the effects and affects of the digital for memorial museums. After a theoretical consideration of what the memorial museum is and could be in this ‘digital age’, this book offers a series of case studies written by curators, artists, and academics covering memorial museum examples in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Technical Editors: Catherine Grant (Post-Cinema), Russell Glasson and Tanya Kant (The Tablet Book)
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REFRAME is an open access academic digital platform for the online practice, publication and curation of internationally produced research and scholarship. It is supported by the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, University of Sussex, UK.