Welcome to REFRAME, an open access academic digital platform for the practice, publication and curation of international research in media, arts and humanities.

REFRAME aims to offer a range of scholarly and related creative and critical content – from relatively ephemeral or responsive forms of research output (project blogs, online film and video festivals, conferences and symposia, and audio and video podcasts) through to fully peer-reviewed online serials and book publications, and digital archives and assemblages.

We look to provide an innovative, engaging and productive environment for audiovisual, audio and visual, and written digital humanities or ‘Digital-First’ research, scholarship and publishing in media, arts and humanities disciplines, including the production, curation and online archiving of experimental work and research by practice. See our Projects and Publications page for our full list of projects.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest a research or publishing project for our consideration, publicise a related online initiative or website, or offer any feedback.