REFRAME presents TALKS@MFM, video and audio recordings of research presentations and masterclasses held at the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex. See also the YouTube channel here.

Video production by Catalina Balan


INDEX for 2017


Robot Opera” [MFM Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre event], June 15, 2017 [Video Recording]




Otherwise Engaged – social media from vanity metrics to critical analytics” by Prof. Richard Roger [MFM Sussex Humanities Lab and part of the AHRC-funded Automation Anxiety network] , June 8, 2017 [Video Recording]



Developing Documentary: My Son the Jihadi (2015)” [Media Practice Postgraduate Talk] by PETER BEARD, 2017 [Video Recording]




Can Pranks, Mischief and Creativity Change the course of History? by Mike Bononno [Centre for Material Digital Culture Talk], May 26, 2017 [Video Recording]




Machine Listening & Listening Machines – Critical & Philosophical [MFM Sussex Humanities Lab Workshop and Discussion], April 27-28, 2017 [Video Recording]




Machine Listening & Listening Machines – Archival & Technical” [MFM Sussex Humanities Lab Workshop and Discussion], April 27-28, 2017 [Video Recording]




We’re All In This Together: Reflections on the Post-Punk Artist-Group” [MFM Research Seminar] by PROF GAVIN BUTT, March 15, 2017 [Video Recording]




Collecting music, collecting life stories: The Cypriot Fiddler project” [MFM Research Seminar (joint event with the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research)], by DR. NICOLETTA DEMETRIOU, February 8, 2017 [Video Recording]



Stockhausen Festival Performance and Talks” [MFM Research Seminar] by VARIOUS, January 30, 2017 [Video Recording]



INDEX for 2016

A Masterclass on Collage Filmmaking” [MFM MA Masterclass Programme, jointly with CineCity and University of Brighton] by CHARLIE LYNE, November 22, 2016 [Video Recording] COMING SOON!



Television Death” [MFM Research Seminar] by DR. HELEN WHEATLEY, November 17, 2016 [Video Recording]




A return to prime-time activism: social movements and media reform” [MFM Research Seminar] by PROF DES FREEDMAN, March 16, 2016 [Video Recording]




From Media Maps to #RiotIDs: Data Visualisation and Digital Storytelling as Media Studies Research” [MFM Research Seminar] by DR ANNA FEIGENBAUM, March 2, 2016 [Video Recording]




Child’s Play? Stop-Frame Television Animation for Children in the Sixties and Seventies” [MFM Research Seminar] by DR RACHEL MOSELEY, April 27, 2016 [Video Recording] 




HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD (2015): Production, Engagement and Distribution in Documentary[A Media Practice Postgraduate Talk] by JERRY ROTHWELL, 2016 [Video Recording] 




Journalism and Broadcasting: a conversation[MA Masterclass Series] by ROBIN LUSTIG, 2016 [Video Recording] 




Information Theory, Big History, and the Minds of Others” [Sussex Humanities Lab Seminar Series]” by DR SIMON DEDEO, April 25, 2016 [Video Recording] FURTHER DETAILS



INDEX for 2015


Framing: The Essay Film as Theoretical Practice” [MFM Research Seminar] by PROF LAURA RASCAROLI, December 9, 2015 [Video Recording] FURTHER DETAILS




Sonic Pi: Live Coding and the Intersection Between Arts, Research and Education” [MFM Research Seminar] by DR SAM AARON December 2, 2015, [Video Recording] FURTHER DETAILS




#notrascit – Exploring Online Ambient Racism” [MFM Research Seminar] by DR SANJAY SHARMA, November 25, 2015 [Audio Recording] FURTHER DETAILS




Creative Directing: Games, Animation, Digital Things, A Media Practice Finalist Talk” by DARREN GARRETT November 17, 2015, [Video Recording] FURTHER DETAILS




Gleaning, Détournement and the Compilation Film: Some thoughts on For One More Hour With You Un’ora Sola Ti Vorrei (Alina Marazzi, 2002) by LAURA MULVEY (Professor of Film and Media Studies at Birkbeck, University of London) October 13th, 2015, [Video Recording] FURTHER DETAILS



Glass and Game: The Speculative Girl Hero by CATHERINE DRISCOLL (Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney) September 30th, 2015. [Video recording] FURTHER DETAILS




Explorations in the Dark: How I Told 300 Stories Without a Single Image” by MATT THOMPSON (Director of Rockethouse Productions) October 2015. [Video recording] FURTHER DETAILS