The Tablet Book
Falmer: REFRAME Books, 2015. 231 p.
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Edited by Caroline BassettRyan BurnsRussell Glasson and Kate O’Riordan

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In 2013, 43% of the US population and 30% of the UK population owned a tablet of some kind. At the same time, marketing reports indicated that tablets would take over from desktop computers and laptops. Multiple reports in the technology press used the tag line ‘the year of the tablet’.

It was in this context, on 10th April 2013, that the editors of the volume published here hosted ‘The Tablet Symposium’ at the University of Sussex, UK. The symposium aimed to examine questions about the take up of tablets, readers and iPads across many walks of life, including academic, artistic, pedagogical, medical, corporate, activist and everyday contexts, and to create a space of dialogue, discussion and research community across these areas.

The Tablet Book builds on that event, gathering further research and commentary to mobilise a range of perspectives and approaches in thinking about and understanding the tablet computer. It is published by REFRAME Books in open access e-book formats both as a collection and as individual chapters.

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