RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM: An Activist Year in Fifty Entries

REFRAME would like to wish a very happy first birthday (actually yesterday) to one of its most active web publishing projects: RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM, an interdisciplinary, multimedia blog that brings together academic research, media practice and current news about mediated activism.

To celebrate this very successful first year, below is a handy index of links to its first fifty entries in reverse order of publication.

As you can see from these titles, RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM is interested in representing a broad range of activism including local, queer, grassroots, global and NGO forms. The blog aims to reach an international audience of academics, researchers, activists and others interested in these topics

If you would like to contribute an entry, please let the blog know by email at activism.US[at] RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM is also on Twitter at @re_activism, and on Facebook.

  1. rom optimism to delusion: Cyber-technologies, democracy and surveillance
  2. In Between Priests and Units: A Manifesto for Education as Labour
  3. “I melt the glass with my forehead”
  4. Egypt’s First Hyperlocal Paper: A New Route to Fostering Community Activism and Citizen Engagement
  5. Small resistances to Big Data: Protecting – and politicising – personal data trails
  7. #occupygezi: Protest Posters Progress
  8. #occupygezi: Gezi Protests in Turkey
  9. Abandoning Spirituality, or Abandoning Sexuality? Mediation Between Faith and Identity within LGBTQ Activism
  10. Celebrity Politics: Image and Identity in Contemporary Political Communications by Mark Wheeler
  11. Social Media Helped Egyptians Win Their Revolution, and now it is Helping Them in Their Fight against Sexual Harassment
  12. G8 Resources
  13. The newspapers, if they did not remain silent, rushed to fabricate wrongdoings by the protestors
  14. Sites of Protest
  15. Movement praxis prefigures system change
  16. Examining Celebrity Activism and Social Media: Lady Gaga, Fandom and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  17. Blogging For (A) Change
  18. Laughtivism and Memes Resources
  19. FEMEN: The Unveiling of Colonialist Feminism
  20. Equal rights activism: identity, representation and the Facebook rant
  21. Just Do It – a tale of modern-day outlaws / A feature documentary by Emily James – working with outlaws.
  22. Occupy; New Spaces for Resistance Zine
  23. Memories, Secrets and Archives
  25. Sisterhood and After: first oral history archive of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement
  26. Occupy: New Spaces for Resistance Teach-In
  27. Feminist Social Media Praxis
  28. Off Twitter and onto the streets
  29. Celebrity Humanitarianism: The Ideology of Global Charity by Ilan Kapoor
  30. Chronicle of Protest by Michael Chanan
  31. ‘We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers’: Social media and the 15M movement
  32. What is ‘my’ activism? A filmmaker’s encounter with the Craftivist Collective
  33. Art Dialogues with Power
  34. A tribute to Aaron Swartz
  35. Activist Media Practice
  36. How Mobile Phones, Cameras and Egypt’s Political Turmoil gave the Mosireen Collective a Global Following
  37. FEMEN: a political act?
  39. A problem of ‘profound passivity’? Revisiting the forgotten Kony campaign
  40. Creating the Witness by Leshu Torchin
  41. Change [dot] org
  42. Queer, Feminist and social media praxis Workshop 2013
  43. Activism. Virtual Reality. Actual Reality.
  44. Jim Hubbard: Framing ACT UP activists
  45. Mobile Video Shows – An Innovative Tool for HIV/AIDS Activism in Northern Malawi
  46. Outsider / Insider Art – A report from the Brighton Photo Biennial
  47. HIV Activism Online Resources
  48. Photo Biennial 2012 online resources
  49. Call For Contributors
  50. Media Research Coming Soon

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