Anti-War Activism

As the United States of America threaten air strikes on Syria, anti-war protests have taken place across the globe. This week, we’ve collated a list of open access resources on anti-war activism.

Burgin, S. (2012) Understanding anti-war activism as a gendering activity: A look at the U.S.’s anti-Vietnam War movement [Journal Article].

Collins, C. (1971) Coming home to roost [Cartoon].

Freedman, D. (2009) ‘Smooth Operator?’ The Propaganda Model and Moments of Crisis [Journal Article].

Gillan, K. (2007) Anti-war Activism and New Media: New Resource Structure or Creation of Symbolic Power? [Conference Paper].

Gillan, K. (2008) The UK Anti-War Movement Online: Uses and Limitations of Internet Technologies for Contemporary Activism [Journal Article].

Modern Records Centre. (2008) Protest and Survive: An online version of an exhibition on peace movements [Exhibition].

Pickerill, J. (2007) Transnational Anti-War Activism: Solidarity, Diversity and the Internet in Australia [Journal Article].

Pickerill, J. (2008) Finding unity across difference? The alliances and fractures of the anti-war movement in Britain [Conference Paper].

Pickerill, J., Gillan, K., & Webster, F. (2011) Scales of Activism: New Media and Transnational Connections in Anti-War Movements [Chapter].

Reese, S. (2011) On anti-Iraq war protests and the global news sphere [Chapter]. 

Rojas, F. & Heaney, M. T. (2012) Anti-war Politics and Paths of Activist Participation on the Left [Conference Paper].

Taylor, I. (2010) The battle for hearts and minds: the media relations of the anti-war movement in the UK [PhD Thesis].

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