G8 Resources

Last week, the G8 summit was held in Northern Ireland. Media coverage leading up the events, focused on a police operation costing £50 million. Gatherings of ‘world leaders’ have long interested protesters and academics researching political dissent. This week, we’ve compiled a listing of open-access resources on activism linked to G8 summits.

Barr, D. & Drury, J. (2009) Activist Identity as a Motivational Resource: Dynamics of (Dis) empowerment at the G8 Direct Actions, Gleneagles 2005.

Crosby, L. (2013) The Prime Minister has the opportunity to lead on international development, LSE Blog Entry.

Gorman, J. (2013) G8 protest shows need for community focused resistance, New Internationalist Blog.

Gorringe, H. & Rosie, M. (2006) ‘Pants to Poverty’? Making Poverty History, Edinburgh 2005.

Gorringe, H. & Rosie, M. (2007) It’s a long way to Auchterarder! ‘Negotiated management’ and mismanagement in the policing of G8 protests, The British Journal of Sociology.

Gorringe, H. & Rosie, M. (2008) ‘Just There for a Ruck’: Violence and Non-violence in Protest Policing at the 2005 G8 Protests, Presentation, University of Edinburgh.

Hubbard, G. & Miller, D. (2005) Conclusion: Naming the problem, Arguments against the G8.

Hubbard, G. & Miller, D. (2005) Introduction Barbarism Inc. Book Introduction.

McCurdy, P. (2009) ‘I Predict a Riot’ – mediation and political contention: Dissent!’s media practices at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit. LES PhD Thesis.

Papadimitriou, T. (2008) A Social Experiment in the Midst of G8 Power Creating ‘Another World’ or the Politics of Self-Indulgence? Transformative Studies Institute.

Porta, D. D. & Fillieule, O. (2004) Policing Social Protest, Book Chapter.

Skrimshire, S. (2005) Anti-G8 Resistance and the State of Exception, Book Chapter.



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