Laughtivism and Memes Resources

This week, we’ve compiled a listing of open access resources that explore the use of laughter within activism (laughtivism). We were inspired by the creative endeavours of Occupy Sussex and their use of memes (spreadable content). In particular, the following video created in support of the movement:

1. The Outsourcing at Sussex Downfall

Open access resources on Laughtivism and Memes

Aday, S. et al. (2010) Blogs and Bullets: New Media in Contentious Politics, Peaceworks

Aziz, F. (2012) Memes and the profile avatar: online rituals of solidarity and activism, In Culture Visuelle

Bennett, W.L. (2003) The Internet and Global Activism, In Contesting Media Power

Bennett, W.L. (2003) Communicating Global Activism: Strengths and vulnerabilities of networked politics, In Information, Communication & Society

Boyd, A. (2002) TRUTH IS A VIRUS: Meme Warfare and the Billionaires for Bush (or Gore), Andrew Boyd

Cammaerts, B. (2007) Jamming the political: beyond counter-hegemonic practices, In Continuum: journal of media & cultural studies

Dery, M. Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs, Cyberpunk

Ge, J. (2012) Four Thoughts on Ai Weiwei’s Gangnam Style: Meme-ing as Activism, Public+i

Hancox, D. (2011) FIGHT BACK! A Reader on the Winter of Protest, Open Democracy

Hiruta, K. (2013) Two Cheers for Laughtivism, Practical Ethics: Ethics in the News

Horwatt, E. (2007) A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing: Contemporary Found Footage Practice on the Internet, In Cultural Borrowings: Appropriation, Reworking, Transformation

McClish, C.L. (2009) Activism Based in Embarrassment: The Anti-Consumption Spirituality of the Reverend Billy, In Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies

Peters, A. (2012) Part Two: open source activism and memes, Open Democracy

Pickerel, W., Jorgensen, H. & Bennett, L. (2002) Culture Jams and Meme Warfare: Kalle Lasn, Adbusters, and media activism, Tactics in Global Activism for the 21st century

Popovic, S. (2013) The Power of Laughtivism: Srdja Popovic, At TEDxBG

Popovic, S. (2013) Laughtivism; The new activists will spread democracy – with a cheeky smile on their faces,

Sandlin, J.A. & Milam, J.L. (2008) “Mixing Pop (Culture) and Politics”: Cultural Resistance, Culture Jamming, and Anti-Consumption Activism as Critical public Pedagogy, In Curriculum Inquiry

Snow, L. (2012) Students: are memes the new site of class struggle? Discuss, The Guardian

White, M. Activism After Clicktivism, Q Ideas for the common good

De Voy, S. (2005) Meme Warfare: How to overthrow the powers that be on a low budget

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