TALKS@MFM: Sam Aaron (2015)

Sonic Pi: Live Coding and the Intersection Between Arts, Research and Education“, a Music Research Seminar with Dr Sam Aaron, a software architect and computational thinker researching at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Chaired by Dr Thor Magnusson at the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, December 2, 2015.


Sonic Pi: The Live Coding Synth for Everyone – A free live coding synth for everyone originally designed to support computing and music lessons within schools. Use code to compose and perform in classical and contemporary styles ranging from Canons to Dubstep. Brought to you by Sam Aaron and the Sonic Pi Core Team. To download v2.9.0 click here.


Dr Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and computational thinker with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of communicative programming. He sees programming as one of the many communication channels for descriptions of formalised process of any kind, be it a business process, a compiler strategy or even a musical composition. Aaron’s Ph.D. research focused upon the design of Domain Specific Languages in order to allow domain concepts to be communicated and transposed more effectively and efficiently. He is actively involved in applying these techniques within academia and industry, empowering project collaborators to have greater insight into the software being built. The impact of this work has led to both clarity and greater focus within collaborative project teams by eroding many of the language barriers that exist across domains.

Video production by Catalina Balan