Videos from the Mediamorphosis Symposium and Exhibition Online Now

Six video recordings are now viewable online of all the sessions from the recent Mediamorphosis symposium and exhibition, which took place at the University of Sussex on May 10, 2013. We invited researchers, practitioners, artists, designers, scientists to submit, discuss, exchange and engage with analogue and digital practices as mediamorphosis.

Henry Jenkins (2004) describes how digital media potentially incorporates all previous media so that it no longer makes sense to think in medium-specific terms, problematising the concept of authenticity and authentic experience. In this symposium, we are thus interested in questioning what is authentic experience within digital media? And what drives the pervasive cultural desire for an authentic experience? Because digitalisation inevitably alters the original in a mediamorphosis-like transformation, we are interested in exploring the authentic nature of this new object/experience.

Mediamorphosis Symposium_ Panel 4_ Authenticity in Stupidity

“It no longer makes sense to think in medium-specific terms”, not necessarily because “digital media incorporate all previous media” as Henry Jenkins suggests, but because understanding of what there…

Mediamorphosis Symposium_ Panel 2_ Listening to the Body

Listening to the Body: from spectacle to experience New strategies for bio-sensors in performance today There is a renaissance of interest in the use of bio-sensing technologies in performances…

Mediamorphosis Symposium_ Panel 3_ Screen Culture & Authentic Experience

Since 1970s, the relationship between media and human reactions has been a leading research topic among media psychologists. This interest has resulted with the development of psychophysiological…

Mediamorphosis Symposium_Panel_1_ Expanded Animation in Public Spaces

The panel collects three speakers, Birgitta Hosea, Joe Stephenson and James Stevenson, all of whom have a relationship to animation, objects and the museum. The presentations will introduce work,…

The Mediamorphosis symposium was organised by the Creative and Critical Practice Research Group, University of Sussex, and was co-funded and supported by the Doctoral School’s Researcher-Led Initiative (sRLI) Fund, University of Sussex It was also supported by the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

You can visit the MEDIAMORPHOSIS website here at REFRAME by clicking here:

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