Mediamorphosis is a one-day symposium and exhibition, on May 10, 2013 that invites researchers, practitioners, artists, designers, scientists to submit, discuss, exchange and engage with analogue and digital practices as mediamorphosis.

Henry Jenkins (2004) describes how digital media potentially incorporates all previous media so that it no longer makes sense to think in medium-specific terms, problematising the concept of authenticity and authentic experience. In this one-day symposium, we are thus interested in questioning what is authentic experience within digital media? And what drives the pervasive cultural desire for an authentic experience? Because digitalisation inevitably alters the original in a mediamorphosis-like transformation, we are interested in exploring the authentic nature of this new object/experience.

Mediamorphosis is a collective initiative by CCPRG.

Mediamorphosis symposium is co-funded and supported by the Doctoral School’s Researcher-Led Initiative (RLI) fund. It is also supported by the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex.