A REFRAME Video: “DÉCOUPAGE and Otto Preminger’s CARMEN JONES” by Christian Keathley

REFRAME proudly presents, above, the latest of its occasional Media, Film and Music Studies videos. This time, it’s the recording of a Film Studies research seminar given by Christian Keathley at the Centre for Visual Fields, University of Sussex, on December 4, 2013. There is also an audio version of the recording embedded below.

Keathley, Associate Professor of Film and Media Culture at Middlebury College, USA, is the author of Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees (Indiana University Press, 2006). He is currently working on a second book, The Mystery of Otto Preminger (under contract to Indiana University Press). Professor Keathley’s research interest also focuses on the presentation of academic scholarship in a multimedia format, including video essays.

For links to numerous examples of Keathley’s scholarly work online, including items he mentions in this talk, please visit the Film Studies For Free website.

REFRAME passes on its warm thanks to Keathley for allowing his video to be recorded and distributed online, and to Rachel Tavernor for all her work on recording the event.

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