The Tablet Symposium: Examining New Media Objects

Happy new year from REFRAME! The REFRAME[D] Blog is delighted to share the below Call for Papers not only because this essential event is hosted by a kindred Research Centre, but also because it is likely to be linked to forthcoming developments at this very web platform that should be announced here soon….

The Tablet Symposium: Examining New Media Objects
University of Sussex, 10th April 2013

Calling for papers, presentations and discussions of tablets, ipads, kindles, e-readers and other new media artifacts.

We invite contributions to a one-day symposium at the University of Sussex, hosted by the Centre for Material Digital Culture. The aim of the symposium is twofold. On the one hand it aims to examine questions about the take up of tablets, readers and ipads across many walks of life including academic, artistic, pedagogical, medical, corporate, activist and everyday contexts. On the other hand it aims to create a space of dialogue, discussion and research community across this area.

We welcome empirical, theoretical, critical and creative responses to tablets, e-readers and other artifacts.

Please distribute this CFP to friends and colleagues by sharing this web page [htttp://].

Please send abstracts or proposals by 22 January 2013 to:

Further queries to the conference team are very welcome:
Ryan Burns, Russell Pearce, Kate O’Riordan

Centre for Material Digital Culture, University of Sussex

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