NEW at REFRAME: SEQUENCE Six – Handling Philosophy: Transforming Through Creative Practice

We are delighted to present the latest issue of SEQUENCE: Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music, REFRAME‘s experimental, peer-reviewed, and sequential edited-collection format.

SEQUENCE SIX asks, what is philosophy for? The question is a pragmatic one born from a love of philosophy and a concern over its future. How can philosophy renew itself?  Can it be a tool, in the Heideggerian sense, of being ready-to-hand, to be used creatively and imaginatively to do things and produce ‘stuff’, beyond the academy and ‘in the world’?  Creative practice offers such possibilities. However a praxical approach to philosophy is a radical intervention that requires a re-configuration of philosophy’s self-identity.

The first article in this new SEQUENCE is Joanna Callaghan’s ‘Ontological Narratives: ways of being in film‘, which extends and complicates notions of practice as research, and discusses the production of a group of films which both represent and interrogate theoretical issues raised by specific philosophical texts.

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