Interactivity in Holocaust Memory

When digital media was still being called new media, it was often referred to also as interactive media. The suggestion was, even by those critical of this term, that what distinguished this medium from others was its interactivity even if the interactivity was somewhat illusionary. This of course paved the wave for assertions that pre-digitalContinue reading “Interactivity in Holocaust Memory”

Holocaust Remembrance in a Digital Future: Towards Deep Truth or Deep Fake?

On Thursday 4th February, I was very honoured to join Stephanie Billib, Bergen-Belsen Memorial, and PhD candidate Tabea Widemann to discuss the tensions between ‘deep truth’ and ‘deep fake’ in digital Holocaust remembrance. The panel was part of a larger programme: The Digitalisation of Memory: Technology – Possibilities – Boundaries hosted in partnership between theContinue reading “Holocaust Remembrance in a Digital Future: Towards Deep Truth or Deep Fake?”

Algorithmic Auditing, the Holocaust, and Search Engine Bias

In this guest post, Mykola Makhortykh discusses what algorithmic auditing of search engines can reveal about image searches and Holocaust knowledge online.

Capturing Experiential Authenticity at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

For many people, a visit to the Auschwitz Museum is a highly affective and important event. The thoughts, feelings and memories created during a visit constitute an authentic experience, which museumgoers are keen to capture and remember. This is often undertaken through the use of digital devices and social media posts – but what areContinue reading “Capturing Experiential Authenticity at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum”

Student Competition: Thinking about Computer Games and the Holocaust

In December 2020, I had the honour of teaching students at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. As part of their course, we ran a competition to ask them to apply what they had learnt about computer games and the Holocaust to a proposal for a new game. This blog introduces the winning pitches.