Reflections on #Europeana2020

November 2020 saw the first online annual conference of Europeana due to the Covid pandemic. Usually, I would not be able to attend because this is the middle of term-time, but thanks to research leave and online accessibility to the event, I had the opportunity to engage with policymakers, educators, archivists, technologists, curators, researchers andContinue reading “Reflections on #Europeana2020”

Finding Virtuality in Virtual Holocaust Museums

Lockdown is here again, for many of us. As museums, cultural and heritage centres close their doors again, this week’s blog reflects on what is a virtual museum, and offers various links to different experiences that you might want to ‘visit’ (in lieu of in-person trips) or share with students. What is ‘virtual’ about virtualContinue reading “Finding Virtuality in Virtual Holocaust Museums”