Editorial Board

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Founding Managing Editor
Catherine Grant

Deputy Managing Editors
Katherine Farrimond and Lyn Thomas
(From May 2016)

Editorial Board (Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex)
Thomas Austin, Catalina Balan, Caroline Bassett, David Berry, Trine Bjørkmann Berry, Sally Bream, Michael Bull, Ryan Burns, Joanna Callaghan, Emilia Chi-Jung Cheng, Cécile Chevalier, Gemma Cobb, Alireza Dadgarnia, Emile Devereaux, Andrew Duff, Richard Elliott, Evelyn Ficarra, Aristea Fotopoulou, Adrian Goycoolea, Russell Glasson, Justin Grize, David Hendy, John Hondros, Frances Hubbard, Ed Hughes, Margaretta Jolly, Tanya Kant, Mary Agnes Krell, Frank Krutnik, Kate Lacey, Michael Lawrence, Eleftheria Lekakis, Shannon Magness, Thor Magnusson, Sarah Maltby, Paul McConnell, Monika Metykova, Sally-Jane Norman, Micheál O’Connell, Kate O’Riordan, Juan Ramos, Olga Saavedra, Rachel Tavernor, Sue Thornham, Lizzie Thynne, Dolores Tierney, Nick Till, Frank Verano, Tianyang Zhou

Associate Board Members (University of Sussex)
Jane Harvell (Library), Vicky Lebeau (English/Centre for Visual Fields)

Production Credits
REFRAME was based on an idea by Catherine Grant, and developed by her with essential support, in particular, from Thomas Austin, Sue Thornham, and Paul McConnell, and also from Caroline Bassett, Rosalind Galt, Mary Agnes Krell, Kirk Woolford, Russell Glasson, Michael Lawrence, John David Rhodes, Cécile Chevalier, Meagan Zurn, Martin Eve, Aristea Fotopoulou, Frances Hubbard, Ronan McKinney, Lizzie Thynne, Nick Till, and Sally Bream. Chris Keene, Jane Harvell, Tony Hudson, Martin White, Phil Watten, Rob Iliffe, and, especially, Mark Foster also provided key advice and support.

Web Development (Concept, Design, Navigation and Image Assets)
Catherine Grant, Tanya Kant and Russell Glasson.

Technical Development and Support
Catherine Grant, Russell Glasson (and up to October 2013, Paul McConnell)