This is the REFRAME website for the EPSRC CCN+ funded, Sustaining Networked Knowledge: Expertise, Feminist Media Production, Art and Activism Project (SusNet), based at the University of Sussex. It is co-ordinated by Kate O’Riordan and Aristea Fotopoulou, with further input from other participants in the project. The Conversations are the central part of this project. 

The SusNet network brings together feminist cultural production, art and activist practices and enables exchanges between different researchers, activists, artists and aims to contribute to knowledge exchanges across these areas and beyond. Its primary nodes are the CCN+ Expertise Workshop, the 2013 Lesbian Lives Conference, the May 2013 Queer, Feminist Social Media Praxis workshop at the University of Sussex https://queerfemdigiact.wordpress.com/, the special edition of ADA Issue 5: Queer, Feminist Media Praxis, http://adanewmedia.org, and the FemTechNet panel and SusNet launch at Postdigital: Critical Responses.

In bringing these nodes together the network aims to draw on a history of approaches to engagement with digital media, in order to stimulate new forms of engagement and to develop a flexible template for networked knowledge production. The SusNet website explores new publishing, research, teaching methods and archives. In its REFRAME iteration, it is intended to provide a dynamic platform for the mapping and visualization of the network nodes, people and content to provide an architecture of participation as well as embed content in a digital materialization of the network. The material archived at the REFRAME website is principally in video/blog format.

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