“This vital collection surveys the ceaselessly changing terrain of post-cinema, identified in broad terms as the contemporary landscape of moving-image production and reception, technology and aesthetics, and politics and ethics. As the book’s editors (Shane Denson and Julia Leyda) point out, there are particular transformations taking place across the post-cinematic environment that have only begun to be theorized. Taken together, the chapters of the book thus provide a rigorous and timely set of theoretical frameworks for analyzing post-cinematic works and contexts. At the same time, such frameworks are hardly prescriptive or standardized. Instead, the collection draws out and celebrates the diversity of thought around post-cinema as an on-going conversation. It is apt, then, that the book ends with a series of dialogues amongst theorists who are engaging in unique and powerful ways with contemporary post-cinematic environments. As it ends, the book opens out, sketching out inspiring new possibilities for research.”

Matilda Mroz, author of Temporality and Film Analysis
(Edinburgh University Press, 2012), on POST-CINEMA: THEORIZING 21ST CENTURY FILM

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