Edited by Shane Denson and Julia Leyda


Perspectives on Post-Cinema: An IntroductionShane Denson and Julia Leyda

1. Parameters for Post-Cinema

1.1  What is Digital Cinema?Lev Manovich
1.2  Post-Continuity: An IntroductionSteven Shaviro
1.3  DVDs, Video Games, and the Cinema of InteractionsRichard Grusin

2. Experiences of Post-Cinema

2.1  The Scene of the Screen: Envisioning Photographic, Cinematic, and Electronic “Presence”Vivian Sobchack
2.2  Post-Cinematic AffectSteven Shaviro
2.3  Flash-Forward: The Future is NowPatricia Pisters
2.4  Towards a Non-Time Image: Notes on Deleuze in the Digital EraSergi Sánchez
2.5  Crazy Cameras, Discorrelated Images, and the Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect – Shane Denson
2.6  The Error-Image: On the Technics of MemoryDavid Rambo

3. Techniques and Technologies of Post-Cinema

3.1  Cinema Designed: Visual Effects Software and the Emergence of the Engineered SpectacleLeon Gurevitch
3.2  Bullet Time and the Mediation of Post-Cinematic TemporalityAndreas Sudmann
3.3  The Chora Line: RealD IncorporatedCaetlin Benson-Allott
3.4  Splitting the Atom: Post-Cinematic Articulations of Sound and VisionSteven Shaviro

4. Politics of Post-Cinema

4.1  Demon Debt: Paranormal Activity as Recessionary Post-Cinematic AllegoryJulia Leyda
4.2  On the Political Economy of the Contemporary (Superhero) Blockbuster SeriesFelix Brinker
4.3  Reality Effects: The Ideology of the Long Take in the Cinema of Alfonso CuarónBruce Isaacs
4.4  Metamorphosis and Modulation: Darren Aronofsky’s Black SwanSteen Christiansen
4.5  Biopolitical Violence and Affective Force: Michael Haneke’s Code UnknownElena del Río

5. Archaeologies of Post-Cinema

5.1  The Relocation of CinemaFrancesco Casetti
5.2  Early/Post-Cinema: The Short Form, 1900/2000Ruth Mayer
5.3  Post-Cinematic AtavismRichard Grusin
5.4  Ride into the Danger Zone: Top Gun (1986) and the Emergence of the Post-CinematicMichael Loren Siegel
5.5  Life in Those Shadows! Kara Walker’s Post-Cinematic SilhouettesAlessandra Raengo

6. Ecologies of Post-Cinema

6.1  The Art of Morphogenesis: Cinema in and beyond the CapitaloceneAdrian Ivakhiv
6.2  Anthropocenema: Cinema in the Age of Mass ExtinctionsSelmin Kara
6.3  Algorithmic Sensibility: Reflections on the Post-Perceptual ImageMark B. N. Hansen
6.4  The Post-Cinematic Venue: Towards an Infrastructuralist PoeticsBilly Stevenson

7. Dialogues on Post-Cinema

7.1  The Post-Cinematic in Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 Therese Grisham, Julia Leyda, Nicholas Rombes, and Steven Shaviro
7.2  Post-Cinematic Affect: A Conversation in Five PartsPaul Bowman, Kristopher L. Cannon, Elena del Río, Shane Denson, Adrian Ivakhiv, Patricia MacCormack, Michael O’Rourke, Karin Sellberg, and Steven Shaviro
7.3  Post-Continuity, the Irrational Camera, Thoughts on 3DShane Denson, Therese Grisham, and Julia Leyda
7.4  Post-Cinema, Digitality, Politics Julia Leyda, Rosalind Galt, and Kylie Jarrett