DC Chinese Film Festival

DC Chinese Film Festival (or DCCFF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering outstanding Chinese cinema around the world and to encouraging cultural diversity through films.

Founded in 2011, DCCFF is run by passionate volunteers who care deeply about film and culture. Through our program, we hope to support up-and-coming filmmakers, encourage cultural diversity and bring people closer through the power of film. We’re a community organized Chinese film festival that focuses on new and independent films. Every two years, we bring together young and established filmmakers, film scholars, industry professionals, and festival patrons to Washington DC, nation’s capital and the heart of documentary and independent filmmaking, for a week long treat of rare screenings, cutting-edge panel discussions, and networking events.

During the first DC Chinese Film Festival (formerly the “Mid-Atlantic Chinese Film Festival”) in 2012, we showcased 117 short films and 8 feature films from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Chinese
Diaspora. Our online festival on Tudou.com attracted over 10 million views; our events were featured in several local and
national media including Sinovision, iTalkBB, The Washington Chinese Post, A&C Business News, and New World Times.

The 2nd DC Chinese Film Festival is scheduled to take place in Washington D.C., September 4-7, 2014. This year the festival committee is putting together a richer and more diverse program, aiming to not only provide a chance for the audience to watch films that are otherwise hard to access, but also an opportunity for filmmakers from both China and the US to share
their experience and thoughts on filmmaking, culture, industry collaboration and much more. Throughout our 4-day festival, we’ll be hosting at least 10 theater screenings of nominated films from main-competition category, while keeping our online festival to showcase
film submissions from amateur and student filmmakers. Apart from film screenings, we’re also partnering with curators from Arts in Embassy (US State Department), China-Hollywood Society, Women in Film & Video, CNEX,
deGenerate Films and other organizations to present mini forums, panel discussions and other special events.

The festival is now accepting film submissions through April 30, 2014. For more information, please visit our website www.dccff.org , or contact us directly via email: Info@dccff.org

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