This research network brings together scholars in the UK, China, other parts of Asia, Europe and the USA who are working on film festivals in Chinese-language territories and cultures (including the People's Republic, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere).

It aims to interrogate the rapid growth of Chinese film festivals from a cultural translation perspective, asking the following key questions:
  • How do Chinese film festivals translate the Western-derived concept and practice of the ‘film festival’ into Chinese cultural environments?
  • If the film festival was born and developed in the context of European national rivalries and anxieties about Hollywood, what are its functions in the Chinese-speaking world today?
  • How do Chinese film festivals translate foreign culture into Chinese-speaking environments through their screenings and other activities?
  • How do Chinese film festivals translate Chinese cultures to the outside world and to each other through their screenings and other activities?
  • What differences are there amongst festivals in the Chinese-speaking world?
  • What different models of the film festival are being generated in Chinese contexts, and how can our scholarship translate those models back into global debates about what the film festival might become in the twenty-first century, already hailed by some as ‘the Chinese century’?


Who Are We?

Here you can find out more details on all our existing network members. Our ‘Who are we?’ page has a full list, including concise bios, of our Network Coordinators and also all our Participants.
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The network will generate and collect materials relevant to Chinese Film Festival Studies, including bibliographies, lists of film festivals, and more. These will be posted here.
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