//Dr. Mary Anne Francis_
University of Brighton
// Mary Anne discussed the function of translation in a multi-modal arts practice and in relation to multi-disciplinary research.


Taking its cue from attempts by entomologists to transcribe the sounds of insects as musical notation an exploration of the ends to which sound and image are used to encode each other. Led by Justin Grize (University of Sussex) with Daniel Hignell (University of Sussex).


//RE-IMAGINED_ multimedia installation by Cécile Chevalier & Andrew Duff


Translating a multidisciplinary practice into sensuous knowledge, lending itself to potentially conflicting literacies and interpretations. Led by Nanette Hoogslag (RCA) with Cécile Chevalier (University of Sussex) and Dr.Evelyn Ficarra (University of Sussex).


//Ohne Übersetzung by Prof. Sally Jane Norman ( Professor of Performance Technologies and founding Director of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts at Sussex)

Artist Micheál O’Connell and composer Stace Constantinou use their experience of working together on a joint exhibition Trainofthoughts (The Horse Hospital, London 2012) as case study.





// Prof. Simon Penny_
University of California Irvine
Simon drew on his artist-engineer background and experience as founding director of the Arts, Computation and Engineering Masters programme at UCI.

Adopting a hands-on technical approach, transducers/transduction will be explored in their relations to translation. Led by Joe Watson (University of Sussex) with Danny Bright (University of Sussex).


//CHINESE WHISPERS_Participatory art by Rachel Cohen


Janina Moninska directs Liebe Mutti, a Live Art Intervention using 39 German letters written by [her] Polish father from Dachau Concentration camp 1940-1945.


Reflection on scholarly video-making practices using existing film and moving image footage in creative critical contexts, and on possibilities for peer-review, publication, academic reception and teaching of such work. Led by Dr. Catherine Grant (REFRAME) with Dr. Ian Garwood (University of Glasgow).


Prof. Simon Penny (UCI), Daniel Hignell (University of Sussex), Nanette Hoogslag (RCA),  Kyoung K (Goldsmith)
// Chaired by Prof Sally Jane Norman




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