Richly resourced by four arts-based degrees Dr. Mary Anne Francis, currently at University of Brighton, has significant reputations as an artist, practice-based researcher and art-writer; activities that constitute the ‘expanded field’ of contemporary art practice. As an artist, she has received high profile commissions – notably from London Underground (Platform for Art) and the Financial Services Authority. Her work ‘The Blooming Commons’ was the first Open Source art-work to be shown at Tate Britain, and the exhibition ‘Super Farmers’ Market’ that she recently co-curated involving 32 international artists, was reviewed in Time Out, The Independent and Third Text.

Mary Anne’s practice-based research has been recognized in a range of prestigious invitations: e.g. the keynote address to the inaugural ‘Artistic Research’ conference at Iceland Academy of the Arts, chairing and committee roles at the ‘Art of Research’ conferences, and many requests to run seminars with art and design research students across the UK.

Her work as an art-writer and theorist has been in demand since the early 1990s when she reviewed the emerging YBA scene for many magazines including Art Monthly. In 2010, she was invited to run an art-writing course at Tate Modern, ‘Never Lost For Words’, and recently, was invited to make a keynote address to ‘The Language of Arts and Music’ conference organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.


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