Nanette Hoogslag_

Nanette Hoogslag (1964,The Netherlands) is conducting a PhD research in practice at the Royal College of Art in London (AHRC awarded), exploring the emerging field of online editorial illustration.

The PhD research is concerned with the understanding of the particular position and qualities of editorial illustration. It investigates the role and signifying relationships of the illustration within the current printed and online publication platforms and queries it’s potential to shape new modes of reading and user experience. Digitisation and the rapid emergence of reading devices such as Kindle and the iPad, has meant that e-publishing has become the fastest growing format for the newspaper and magazine industry. The change from print to digital has huge implications for all constituents of the editorial publication, not least for the tradition of illustration.

After her MA illustration also at the RCA in1990, Nanette established a successful illustration and design practice in Amsterdam, where worked for various fields of illustration and design. She also developed her own curatorial practice, where amongst others she initiated the project OOG in which she commissioned digital artists to create visual commentary for the online edition of a Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

She has taught at various colleges in The Netherlands as senior tutor. Next to her research, Nanette works as a freelance illustrator/designer and as an independent educator and academic advisor.

NW/THN: Documenting_ Publishing_ Dessiminating Objects & Experiences
NW/THN: Workshop_What You See and What You Get_Image Creation+Usage in the Online Context