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Tom Ainsworth is a researcher, lecturer, designer and maker who is currently working as a Research Officer in the Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton. Primarily concerned with developing research outputs, portfolios and impact case studies for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, Ainsworth is a practice based researcher with particular interests in persuasive design, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and design for health and wellbeing. His PhD thesis submitted in February 2013 is titled ‘The Development of Persuasive Design Theory to Improve Patient Engagement with Therapeutic Exercises in People with Rheumatoid Arthritis’, presents an advancement of design research methodology; a model of behaviour change theory which is specific to the needs of people with RA, and two practical design solutions. His other research interests include: collaborative arts/medicine pedagogic research investigating the potential benefits of drawing as a method for cross-disciplinary learning; and the development of design industry/academia collaborations through the design of innovation resources and networks.

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