Presenting SEQUENCE 2.3: Mandy Merck on CAROL

In her contribution to SEQUENCE [Two’s] ongoing discussion of the maternal melodrama, Pam Cook considers Todd Haynes’ miniseries Mildred Pierce (HBO, 2011). Noting the genre’s characteristic ‘textual fluidity ’ (Cook 2015: Continue ReadingPresenting SEQUENCE 2.3: Mandy Merck on CAROL

Presenting SEQUENCE Five: About Silence

ISSN 2052-3033 (Online) NEW: SEQUENCE Five: About Silence, 2016–present Liz Greene, ‘Silence’, SEQUENCE 5.1, 2016. Online at: PDF / EPUB / MOBI  In June 2013, I created a radio show, Smithereens – Silence, for Radioactive International, an online alternative free Continue ReadingPresenting SEQUENCE Five: About Silence

Presenting SEQUENCE Four: Analogue-Digital

SEQUENCE Four: Analogue-Digital (2016-present) NEW! Paul Atkinson, ‘THINKING WITH DIGITS: Cinema and the Digital-Analogue Opposition’, SEQUENCE, 4.1, 2016. Online at: The digital and analogue are always co-present in every film and this co-presence operates Continue ReadingPresenting SEQUENCE Four: Analogue-Digital

Presenting SEQUENCE Three

We are delighted to present the latest issue of SEQUENCE: Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music, REFRAME‘s experimental, peer-reviewed, and sequential edited-collection format. SEQUENCE Three: Re/De-Composition: Sampling, Mashups, Remix, Glitch offers its readers, and potential Continue ReadingPresenting SEQUENCE Three

Presenting SEQUENCE 2.2: Pam Cook on Todd Haynes’ MILDRED PIERCE as maternal melodrama

In her inaugural essay on maternal melodrama for SEQUENCE Two, Sue Thornham discusses Lynne Ramsay’s critical reappraisal of mother-love in WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, analysing in detail the film’s exploration of Continue ReadingPresenting SEQUENCE 2.2: Pam Cook on Todd Haynes’ MILDRED PIERCE as maternal melodrama