SEQUENCE Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music is an experimental, peer-reviewed, media, film and music studies serial publication. It uses a sequential edited-collection format.


Each new SEQUENCE begins with the publication of one valuable contribution to research in the fields of media, film or music on a particular theme named in the issue title. Responses to the first contribution are then invited in an ongoing ‘open call’. But the editors of each individual SEQUENCE won’t necessarily know what the next in their series will be, or when exactly it will be will be submitted. Each SEQUENCE could, theoretically, turn out to be ‘infinite’, or only as long as the first, self-contained contribution. In any case, each contribution to a SEQUENCE, and each evolving SEQUENCE as a whole, will go on to be published in a variety of electronic viewing and reading formats, with the web version only the first in a series of digital iterations.

If you would like to respond to, or to propose, a SEQUENCE, please get in touch with us at SEQUENCEserial[at]gmail[dot]com. Responses and research proposals of all kinds, including contributions in multimedia formats, are very much encouraged. But it would be worthwhile to discuss any substantial idea with us at an early stage in your thought processes. Please note that all contributions will be formally peer-reviewed, and all comments added at SEQUENCE, while very much encouraged, will be moderated.