Kevin L. Ferguson reflects on VOLUMETRIC CINEMA (2015)

We’re delighted to bring our readers news of a new entry here at THE AUDIOVISUAL ESSAY website.

Kevin L. Ferguson, assistant professor in the Department of English of Queens College/CUNY, author of VOLUMETRIC CINEMA, an audiovisual essay originally published in the first peer-reviewed issue of [in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies, 2.1, 2015 (Online at: has kindly written a response to a question posed to him about his video by THE AUDIOVISUAL ESSAY website:

What has making the video contributed specifically to your research process? Did you conceive of it principally as a presentational/expositional object or as an object/process that might generate discoveries of its own for you?

His thought-provoking reflection ranges over his methodology, which clearly crosses the theory-practice divide in fascinating ways, and also considers, importantly, the limits of legibility, both of verbal description and of audiovisual presentation.

You can find the response here 

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