[in]Transition, 1.3, 2014: Videos and Reflections

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The below listed essays and videos are published here in relation to this website’s function as a “companion publication” to issue 1.3 of the new peer-reviewed journal [in]Transition: Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies. A collaboration between MediaCommons and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ official publication, Cinema Journal, [in]Transition is the first peer-reviewed academic periodical specifically given over to videographic film and moving image studies. Issue 1.3, 2014 (edited by Catherine Grant), was devoted to a sustained reflection on the practice and theory of the audiovisual essay form, with particular reference to its emerging procedures and uses in film and moving image criticism and research.

In alphabetical order by author surname:

[in]Transition, 1.3, 2014. Online at: http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/intransition/theme-week/2014/35/journal-videographic-film-moving-image-studies-13-2014