Resources for Teachers

THE CINEFILES, Issue 7 (Fall 2014) Special Issue on ‘The Video Essay: Parameters, Practice, Pedagogy’ (includes the following selected essays on teaching)

Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier: The Video Essay Assignment: Vol. 1 (2), 2013; co-edited by Christine Becker and Erin Copple Smith. Online at:

Frames Cinema Journal Special Issue: “Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital?”, 1.1, July 2012. Guest-edited by Catherine Grant. Online at: (includes the following selected essays on teaching):

[in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies, 1.3, 2014 (edited by Catherine Grant) on The Audiovisual Essay (includes the following selected videos and essays on teaching)

Introduction to Multimedia Composition [Manuel Betancourt’s wide-ranging class website – HT K.B. Lee for the link]

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