Martin Rieser: Libretto, Design and and Concept

Martin Rieser is visiting Professor DCRC University of the West of England and Research Fellow at Bath Spa University. Martin’s track record as a researcher and practitioner in Digital Arts stretches back to the early 1980s. From a background in English Literature, Philosophy, Printmaking and Photography he established the first postgraduate course in Computer Arts in London in 1982. His practice in Internet art, interactive narrative and installations, mobile artworks and interactive films has been seen around the world including in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and China. He has delivered papers on interactive narrative and exhibited at many major conferences including ISEA: Montreal 1995, Rotterdam 1996, Chicago 1997, Nagoya 2002, Belfast 2009, University of Oslo 2004, Siggraph, 2005, Refresh: Banff Arts Centre 2005, Digital Matchmakers Trondheim 2005, Plan ICA 2005, NAI Rotterdam 2008, Locunet University of Athens 2008, Intelligent Environments Seattle 2008, Barcelona 2009, ICIDS 2009/10/11, ISEA 2009, i-docs 2011/12, ISEA 2011, MIX12, ISEA12.

His interactive installations include: Understanding Echo shown in Japan 2002; Hosts Bath Abbey 2006; Secret Door Invideo Milan 2006; The Street RMIT Gallery Melbourne 2008/ISEA Belfast 2009; The Third Woman- Xian China, Vienna , New York, Thessaloniki Art Biennale and in Bath; Codes of Disobedience, Museum of Modern Art, Athens 2011; Secret Garden (with Andrew Hugill) , Phoenix Square 2012 and Museum of Modern Art Taipei 2013. Martin has published in many international journals and edited (together with Andrea Zapp) New Screen Media: Cinema, Art and Narrative (2002 BFI/ZKM) and The Mobile Audience (2011 Rodopi)


Andrew Hugill: Composer

Professor Andrew Hugill is a composer, musicologist, literary scholar and computer scientist. His recent compositions include: Land of Lace, commissioned by Mahogany Opera Group, viewable at; and the installation Secret
Garden, an 11-iPad opera/ballet created with Martin Rieser, which was experienced by more than 36,000 people during its recent exhibition in the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Taipei. His recent books include The Digital Musician (Routledge 2012) and ‘Pataphysics: A Useless Guide (MIT Press, 2012). He is the Director of the Centre for Creative Computing at Bath Spa University and an Associate Fellow of the UniversitĂ© de Paris-Sorbonne.



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