The Opera and the Media of the Future initiative was launched at a two-day event held at Glyndebourne on 24th and 25th October 2014.

The event was aimed at both academics and opera/media professionals. We welcomed participants from a full range of academic and professional backgrounds, including opera adminstrators, educators, composers, media artists, directors, performers, and media theorists and researchers.
The event consisted of a mixture of empirical / theoretical research presentations and case studies, with examples of artistic work with new media, including the presentation of two mini web operas commissioned specially for the event. The format included keynote presentations, panel discussions, practical demonstrations and workshops.

The aims of the event were:

  1. To enable exchange between academics and the professional opera world concerning current research and thinking about the media of the future, and impact of new media on those working in the arts.
  2. To outline a research strategy for new media between university researchers and professional opera organisations.

Three key questions we were considering:

  1. What opportunities and challenges are presented to opera companies by new modes of performance broadcast, and by new digital technologies and platforms?
  2. How will such modes of broadcast, and technologies and platforms, change the way we think about the concept of the operatic ‘audience’ and notions of ‘liveness’ and ‘event’?
  3. How might new modes of broadcast, technologies and platforms, impact upon new forms of opera for the digital age?
Presenters/Contributors included:

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