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‘Sound Galleries’ at the Pitt Rivers Museum


June 22, 2014 by Richard Elliott

I’m very much looking forward to our first keynote lecture of the Musical Materialities in the Digital Age conference, which will be delivered by Dr Noel Lobley of the Pitt Rivers Museum. Noel is a sound curator who and ethnomusicologist who is developing the music and sound collections of Pitt Rivers through a series of curated experiential sound events. His interdisciplinary research in the anthropology of sound and music explores recorded heritage as a key method for understanding the relationships between archival field recordings, culture and environment.

Below are some videos of the work Noel has been involved with.

Sound Galleries: Music and Torchlight at the Pitt Rivers Museum from Pitt Rivers Museum on Vimeo.

The Future of Ethnographic Museums: Sound, Light and performance from Pitt Rivers Museum on Vimeo.

INSIDE SOUND from Pitt Rivers Museum on Vimeo.

Noel’s keynote lecture is entitled ‘”Curating Sound is Impossible”: Views from the Galleries, Streets and Rain Forests’ and will be delivered on Friday 27th June at 4.15pm in the Silverstone Building, University of Sussex (full conference schedule available here).


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