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Mediático is a collectively authored media and film studies blog, which showcases a diverse array of research, news, views and perspectives on Latin(o/a/x) American, Spanish and Portuguese media cultures. The site offers timely reactions to new media works and current developments as well as analysis of past works, while also reflecting on larger issues in television, film, radio, music, the Internet, print and any other media, always with a Latin American or Latino/a focus.

Mediático’s open access ethos allows us to publish and curate original internationally produced research and make it available for free to a global audience with an immediacy rarely afforded by more traditional academic publishing avenues.

Mediático is published by the School of Media, Arts and Humanities at the University of Sussex through REFRAME. The site is co-edited by Dolores Tierney and REFRAME founding editor Catherine Grant, Mediático itself was founded by Tierney and Grant with Juan Ramos. Content is provided by our editors and by other writers researching Latin American, Latino/a/x & Iberian media cultures.

We welcome written contributions of any length (from short blog posts between 500 and 1,000 words, to academic article or book size content). We also encourage contributions in non-written formats such as video or audio.

We publish contributions in English or bilingually (typically Spanish/Portuguese – English).

If you would like to contribute to Mediático or have any questions or comments, please contact us by email mediaticoMFM[at]gmail.com, follow us on Twitter @mediaticoMFM, or like our Facebook page.

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  1. Sally Faulkner
    Sally Faulkner / 3-8-2019 / ·

    Would you be able to publicize this free-to-stream (for academic, non-commercial use) film on Mediatico?

    As part of a Subtitling World Cinema project , Life Goes On (El mundo sigue, Fernán Gómez 1963) is available to stream for free *for academic, non-commercial use* until 31.1.20 at
    and I hope it might be useful to colleagues for teaching and or research.

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