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Notes on GQC Contributors

Global Queer Cinema is a collaborative research project engaged in investigating queer film cultures from a global perspective and analysing world cinema from a queer point of view. In addition to scholarly inquiry into the spaces and forms of queer world cinema, its activities include programming innovative queer cinema, holding workshops, and bringing scholars together with film festival programmers, filmmakers and activists from around the world for public discussions of queer visual culture.  The project is led by Rosalind Galt (University of Sussex) and Karl Schoonover (University of Warwick) and it is funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Network Grant. We are partnered with the British Film Institute and CineCity – the Brighton Film Festival.

The GQC website focuses on new writing on global forms of queer cinema and will form an open access archive for project-generated material, and for queer film and moving image studies resources. We publish shortform and some longer pieces on international queer cinema, using scholarly models from queer theory and film studies but not limited to traditional academic writing and publishing models. We are interested in the worldly shapes and spaces of queer cinema, its styles, its institutions and its archives. The editorial collective for the website comprises Karl, Rosalind, and Catherine Grant (University of Sussex and Film Studies for Free). Our project coordinator is Laura Joyce (University of Sussex). The GQC website collective also benefits from the support of an international editorial advisory board given to its publisher REFRAME.

We only publish film images and clips that we consider to be Fair Dealing under UK law by dint of their scholarly and critical use, and we abide by the SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) policies on Fair Use. If you are a rightsholder and feel that we have published something infringing, please contact us at the email address below.

We welcome contributions from researchers interested in queer (and queering) cinema, cultural studies, media, global studies, gender and sexuality, filmmakers, artists, writers and interdisciplinary scholars, or those with an interest in the practice, exploration and dissemination of film.

We invite short essays of 250 – 300 words, or longer essays (MLA style) of around 1500-2000 words for more in-depth analysis. Multimedia work (non-copyright infringing – using fair use/fair dealing principles) is very welcome. The below list of topics and frameworks is not exhaustive, and we invite contributions on any topic or theme which you feel would may (queerly) fit our general ethos.

Please correspond with us by email at GQCproject[at]gmail[dot]com, on Twitter at @g_q_c, and like us on Facebook. And please add our website feed to your readers. Thank you.

  • Queer frames (short essays on single images)
  • Queer uncanny
  • Queer sounds and music
  • Queer illusions
  • Queer film festivals
  • Queer decades
  • Queer directors
  • Queer avant garde and DIY
  • New Queer Cinema
  • New releases
  • Classic films
  • Androgyny and pandrogyny
  • Queer cosmetics and prosthetics
  • In-depth essays on single films