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  • Katherine Farrimond (co-editor/producer of Sequence since December 2014) is Teaching Fellow in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. She is currently working on a monograph entitled Beyond Backlash: The Femme Fatale in Contemporary American Cinema arising from her doctoral research. Her broader research interests include the intersections between the body, sexuality and gender in popular culture, feminist theory, and film and television genre. She has published widely on gender, sexuality and popular culture.
  • Russell Pearce (co-editor/producer of Sequence since September 2012) teaches Media Studies at the School of Media, Film and Music at the University of Sussex. He is a doctoral candidate in the School and is researching how the adoption of eBooks affects the reading habits of different groups of people. Returning to academia after a career based in the video games industry, his interests are in the Digital Humanities, with a focus on the reception and appropriation of new types of media content being produced by and for an audience that is unhindered by traditional forms of ownership or compensation.

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