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The European elections are taking place this week. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has dominated UK media coverage of the elections and is reportedly on track for a landslide victory. However, anti-UKIP activists have also been occupying the media coverage, from Twitter requests to post back UKIP flyers to subverting billboards, creative activist actions have claimed public spaces. This week, RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM has collated a list of academic research and activist actions, which focus on the UK Independence Party. As always, we welcome further contributions to this list.

Ahmed, B. (2014) The UKIP Muslim, Souciant.

Chesterton, G. (2014) UKIP is using politics to fight a cultural war, GQ Magazine.

Cunningham, M. (2014) The UKIP question, University of Wolverhampton.

Drummond, B. (2014) Why I covered a Ukip billboard poster with my international grey paint, the Guardian.

Flynn, A. (2013) ‘Bongo Bongo’, racist vans and the act of ‘othering’, University of Durham.

Ford, R. (2013) UKIP’s rise is not just a problem for the Conservatives – they are emerging as the party of choice for disaffected and angry voters from all parties, London School of Economics.

Glenton, J. (2013) Britain’s Populist Insurgency, Souciant.

Lynch, P., Whitaker, R. & Loomes, G. (2011) The UK Independence Party: analysing its candidates and supporters, Working paper, University of Leicester

Meredith, C. (2014) UKIP forced to cancel freephone number after subtle protesters repeatedly called it to push up costs, Huffington Post UK.

Michaels, S. (2014) It’s Raining Men becomes anti-Ukip protest song, the Guardian.

Webb, P. & Bale, T. (2014) Why Do Tories Defect to UKIP? Conservative Party Members and the Temptations of the Populist Radical Right, Political Studies.

Williams, M. (2014) Police ask blogger to remove tweet about Ukip, the Guardian.

Withnall, A. (2014) Ukip chairwoman Janice Atkinson who called for protesters who ‘hurl abuse’ to be arrested caught swearing at anti-racism activists, Independent.

Whitaker, R. (2013) The UK Independence Part: understanding a Niche Party’s Strategy, Candidates and Supporters,

Usherwood, S. (2013) Bloom in Bongo-Bongo Land: how did he get to be there?, University of Surrey.

Usherwood, S. (2014) Just like in 2004, UKIP is poised for its best result yet in the European elections, but a Westminster breakthrough remains unlikely, London School of Economics.

Usherwood, S. (2014) Will 2015 see the end of UKIP?, University of Surrey.

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